Treasury pulse check

As a director or an executive manager how comfortable are you that your treasury function is efficient, secure and transparent?

How does your treasury function stack up against ‘best practice’? Does your treasury function still meet the objectives of the organisation? Are the controls still relevant and are you comfortable your existing control framework continues to minimise the risk of error and fraud inherent in managing a treasury position.

The world is ever-changing and becoming increasingly more volatile, how is your treasury function adapting to this change and does it have the right processes, structure and technology to meet the changing regulatory and compliance standards companies need to adhere to?

These questions are difficult to answer and the problems, if they exist, are even more difficult to solve. FMB Solutions treasury consultants use a deep understanding of treasury practises from a range of industry sectors and corporate entities to see how your treasury function compares to other companies. With the results we can then tailor an improvement plan that makes use of your existing resources and capabilities.

Past treasury operations review clients have utilised our recommendations as the basis for future treasury projects in order to become more efficient and secure.

Treasury Risk Management Diagram Thumbnail