Treasury and risk management process re-engineering

Recent regulatory and legislative acts within Australia and globally (Sarbanes-Oxley) force organisations to ensure greater compliance and transparencies exist around internal controls.

This is most important in corporate treasury and trading environments where extreme volatility in an underlying market could be the difference between success or failure.

By documenting existing processes FMB Solutions facilitates and helps organisations identify risks, issues and inefficiencies with their current treasury environment in terms of people, processes and technology.

Once the existing treasury environment is understood in detail and the surrounding issues and gaps have been clearly identified, FMB Solutions uses a proven methodology to fully integrate the required changes that are needed for the organisation to perform efficiently in a transparent and controlled treasury environment.

FMB Solutions provides tools and templates to support its method and a clearly defined implementation plan to achieve the identified efficiencies. Reviewing your business processes and organisational structure can also help reduce costs, improve productivity, minimise risks and eliminate manual processes.

Treasury Risk Dimensions Diagram Thumbnail