Treasury risk management

FMB Solutions has extensive experience in treasury risk management and prides itself on the ability to build an organisation’s capacity to understand both its treasury and trading risk appetite along with understanding its underlying exposures.

Effective risk management is critical for organisations with treasury and hedging exposures which are managed by the execution of financial instruments and derivatives across global market industries.

Market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and credit risk are just some of the treasury and trading risks to which many of today’s organisations are exposed to. At FMB Solutions we can help organisations identify, quantify, measure, manage and report all of the above risks across any level of your organisation.

Managing risks associated with the execution and capture of a financial transaction is just the beginning. Monitoring, analysing and reporting that transaction from the moment it is captured until maturity is where risk has to be clearly and transparently managed, if organisations truly want to stay on top of their exposures and positions

Risk Management Process Diagram Thumbnail